Why should you choose a wooden toy?

Wooden toys have made their big comeback to our kids’ bedrooms. They remind us of our childhood, bring back many good memories and give us a feeling of nostalgia. More and more parents are choosing wooden toys instead of plastic or electronic toys. However there is still a lot of work to be done before the era of plastic is over. Nevertheless, parent’s interest in wooden toys has made a big return, besides its anti-plastic, ecological approach, wooden toys represent above all important values that young generations should explore and discover.
  • First of all, wooden toys are environmentally friendly. If the wood used to fabricate them comes from a sustainably managed forest, you can be sure that by buying that toy you are making an ecological gesture, a committed choice. It will dispose of the PEFC or FSC certification which justifies its origin. According to the PEFC French site, the use of wood meeting one of these standards allows “to manage spaces and resources in order to meet present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs”. PEFC or FSC forests strive to preserve the health and renewal of forests and maintain their biodiversity. This also applies to the soil and water. It is important to know that only 12% of the world’s forests are managed sustainably.
  • Wooden toys have a longer lifespan than electronic and plastic toys. They are in fact more resistant and sturdy. It is great to have a resistant toy especially when your child discovers how to throw his toys around the age of 1. Even if he breaks it, you can repair it easily and it can be passed down through generations. Buying wooden toys saves you from constantly buying new toys. They are more resistant so you will not need to replace them. They have a longer lifespan, so you can pass it on to the new members of the family, little brothers or cousins. It is better therefore to invest in a toy that will not need to be replaced later on. Even if it is more expensive than a plastic toy, its durability will very quickly pay off its cost.
  • Wooden toys are generally more educative and instructive than other toys. It will help your little one develop his motor skills and will leave room for his creativity and imagination thanks to its simplicity and basic appearance. In fact, studies have shown that the simpler the toy the more it allows the child to develop his imagination. The child is therefore an actor rather than an spectator. Because a toy is not a game in itself: it is the way the child uses it that makes the difference. That is why wooden toys, such as Montessori toys, are especially designed to stimulate children and develop their motor skills.
  • Finally, wooden toys are more beautiful. Wood is a noble and natural material that gives a better aspect than plastic. It is smooth and pleasant to the touch. Wooden toys are often used in nurseries and preschools. They can also be used as a decorative object for your little one’s room or for the living room if you are expecting the arrival of a newborn who will reuse the toy.
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Taking into account all these elements, we can understand better why wooden toys are so attractive. It is better to invest now in a more expensive toy than in a plastic toy that you will have to replace after the first shock. In fact, the toys are always brutalized: They are thrown, dropped, bitten, dropped in the bathtub, we have to admit that they do not have an easy life. A resistant toy will not break and will be able to be used by all the siblings and can even be passed on to the next generations. There is nothing better than passing on a toy that has a real family story. These toys are very entertaining. While plastic toys rely on their lights and their sounds to catch children’s attention, wooden toys on the contrary are simple and basic.Older children can teach their younger siblings what they have learned with their toys. In addition to passing on a material object, you will be passing knowledge on. Finally when we know how difficult it is to recycle plastic, we know of the existence of a plastic continent that is 1.6 million km² in the Pacific Ocean, named “the seventh continent” we can only choose to buy an eco friendly toy. At Max & Lea, we prefer to offer traditional toys that transmit a family history, that respect nature and the planet. Toys that will accompany your children all throughout their development. It will stimulate them and help them develop their imagination and creativity, and that will also serve as a decorative item for your home.

Max & Lea’s 4 tips: 

The importance of standards
Standards are made to give feedback to the consumer about the product they are interested in buying. For Max & Lea, the most important standards are CE and EN-71. They guarantee you the quality and safety of the toy that you are offering to your child. But that’s not all: at Max & Lea, respecting the environment is a priority, this is why we recommend that you choose wooden toys with PEFC or FSC standards. That way you can be sure that the wood comes from a sustainably managed forest that respects biodiversity.

Education and entertainment
The introduction of screens in the life of a child has to be regulated. This is done by limiting the time during which the child will be able to use the screen and by reminding him about this limitation when you ask him to stop. That way he will be waiting for that moment and will know how long it will last. It is also convenient to talk with him about what he has learned and seen. That way getting away from the screen will be more gradual. At Max & Lea, we believe that a moral contract with the child will teach him to be responsible to manage the time he spends in front of screens. It is about setting with him how much time he should spend in front of a screen and gradually making sure that he will stop by himself later on. That will also teach the child to respect rules and have self discipline.

Playing with an adult
We know that a child learns better when he is accompanied and that social interaction is the best learning tool for the child. This is why we recommend you to accompany your little one while he is playing with his wooden toys. This way, you will build a close relationship and will create beautiful memories.

Respecting the age range recommended
A safety talk to finish this article: we advise you to respect the age recommendation indicated on the toy packaging. The age range is not indicated by chance. Pay attention to the small parts that small children love to put in their mouths.
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