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Music is fundamental for the development of young children. Thanks to this Xylophone, your little one will discover his first musical notes and will develop his auditory skills. Encouraging his interest in music and inciting him to make his first musical attempts will develop his creativity and imagination.

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Practicing different musical activities stimulates different areas of the brain and exercises among others the ear, the memory and attention. Children who play real musical instruments from an early age have a better musical ear while growing

Max & Lea

The Xylophone:
The favorite musical toy for children ages 1 to 6

"Music is fundamental for the development of young children. It encourages the development of their brain"

"Real musical instruments have better sound quality and inspire children to explore their talents"

The ideal toy to develop his sense of rhythm and his hearing ability

Improves his skills

By repeatedly playing the notes, your child will associate sounds with them and improve his hand-eye coordination and his movements

Develops his auditory skills

He will play his first notes and develop a sense of rhythm. Your little one will learn some of music’s fundamentals

Boosts his creativity

By trying to reproduce sounds and music, your little one will boost his imagination and develop his creativity

Increases his concentration

In order to reproduce sounds and melodies, your child will need to concentrate and thus improve his attention span

Learning is a game

There is no learning without fun. The xylophone has the particularity of being a toy that is lots of fun to use because of its strong sound that children love

Develops his sense of autonomy

By learning to play on his own and trying to create his own sounds, your little one will become more autonomous, boost his concentration and his creativity

When your little one discovers the sound of an instrument, it encourages his artistic expression. Your child will develop his imagination and develop his musical sense

Max & Lea


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The most complete, stimulating and educative tool on the market


Your child will enjoy playing, discovering new sounds and trying to reproduce rhythms and sounds


Your child will gradually improve his coordination skills by trying to reproduce rhythms and sounds with his xylophone

Sounds and colors

The ideal toy to help him memorize sounds and colors. Helps develop his visual, auditory and mental skills


Your child will enjoy playing with its xylophone for hours, which will help him develop his creativity

Max & Lea is 100% committed to you:

100% Safe

100% Compliance with the requirements of the Toy Safety Directive 2009/48 / EC of the European Parliament
100% sizes and shapes of parts evaluated according to official safety templates

100% Environmentally friendly

100% FSC® certified wood from protected forests

100% Natural

100% Natural Wood
100% Environmentally friendly water-based paint & varnish
Food pigments

100% French Design

100% Designed in France
Its classic and resistant design guarantees its durability
Beautiful design

100% High Quality

100% Neat finishes
100% High quality materials

100% Stimulating

100% Designed for the psycho-motor development of children
100% Fun and Entertaining

Nos parents témoignent...

Christine A.


Fast delivery, the toys are high quality and ecological. I really like Max & Lea and I always recommend it to everybody I know.

Hélène S.


Very happy with my Xylophone from Max & Lea. I received my order in Ireland in 5 days. Really beautiful and sturdy. Very good sound quality.

Ethan F.

Great Britain

Fast delivery in Great Britain. Very happy with my order and with the quality of Max & Lea’s Xylophone. My children play with it a lot and they love it.

Coralie C.


I’m very happy with my purchase. My 2 children play a lot with the Xylophone, I bought the whole package of toys at Max & Lea. Very fast delivery: in 3 days.

Agnes D.


Very entertaining and instructive toy. Excellent for the development of the motor skills and the learning of my young boy. My husband and I are very satisfied. Fast delivery.

Alexis N.


My 3 year old son loves his Xylophone. The sound quality is very good, it is beautiful and resistant. His cousins play with it too when they come home and they really like it. Perfect for kids up to 6/7 years.

Evelyn O.


High quality product, resistant and pretty. My son is very happy with it, he tries to do short melodies. The quality of the sound is good and it is not too loud.

Clara A.


Excellent quality! This Xylophone is a very good musical toy if you want to develop your little one’s ear. The sounds are high pitched and easy to perceive by children’s ears. It is the perfect instrument to start his musical education with because there are several notes and the child starts to become familiar with them.

Alexis N.


My 2 boys love their Xylophone. Very good quality and fast delivery. I bought a package of several toys at Max & Lea. I’m very satisfied with my purchase.

Guillaume H.


High quality materials and good sound. Fast delivery, I received my order in 3 days in France. I recommend this Xylophone.

Rita K.


My 3 year old plays a lot with his Xylophone. I bought it with the Playboard, the Caterpillar and the Rainbow tower. Fast delivery and excellent customer service.

Carmen P.


Delivery in 4 days in Spain. My kids ages 2, 4 and 7 play for hours with it. I recommend this Xylophone. The other toys I bought at Max & Lea are excellent as well.

Jean-Antoine P.


The Xylophone is very good quality! My nephew is really having fun with it and his parents are thrilled to see him playing with healthy toys and away from the screens. I received my order in Spain in 4 days.

Norah H.


My 3 and 7 year olds love their Xylophone. It is a very beautiful toy and its sounds are really good. The notes sound right. A great gift to order without hesitation.

Elizabeth R.


The delivery was very fast. My 4 year old daughter plays a lot with her Xylophone. It is the perfect first musical toy for a child in my opinion.

Joelle V.


The Xylophone is great. It is a pleasure to see my grandchildren play with healthy toys! Fast delivery and efficient customer service.

William S.

Great Britain

My 2 and 5 year olds are discovering the notes and making their first compositions with their little Xylophone. The notes are soft and are not too loud. The wooden mallets are also great.

Rosa A.


Great to offer as a gift. I recommend this Xylophone. It is resistant, not too big and it has a good sound quality.

Ina B.


Great Xylophone. My son loves it. Well made and excellent design.

Paola R.


Delivery in 4 days in Spain. Beautiful toy, well packaged and super well finished. Very reactive customer service. I recommend it.

Astrid D.


Max & Lea’s site is great. I placed two orders and I received both in 3 days. The toys are really very good. My nephews are very happy with it (and so are their parents).

Giovanni D.


Toys of excellent quality and the site is very good. The delivery is fast. Our children are very happy and play a lot with them. I will order again on Max & Lea.

Alicia G.


Very fast delivery, the toys arrived perfectly packed. Completely environmentally friendly toys. My daughter loves her PlayBoard, her Xylophone and her other toys from Max & Lea.

Camilla S.


The delivery was very fast. I received the package 5 days after I placed my order in Portugal. Very nice Xylophone. It is a real musical instrument, more than just a simple toy.

Patricia A.


I can only say good things about Max & Lea because their customer service responds very quickly. They delivered the package within a few days and my children are very happy with their PlayBoard and Xylophone.

Michel L.


What more can I say than PERFECT! Fast delivery, the toys are really well made, the colours are gorgeous and my daughter loves it, so it's a 5/5.

Jérôme B.


Max & Lea toys are of excellent quality. I received my order quickly and my wife and I are very happy with the quality, colours and materials. My 4 year old son plays a lot with his PlayBoard, Xylophone and with his other toys from Max & Lea.

Patrick L.


I am very happy with the toys I bought on the Max & Lea website. My 3 children play with them, and even my 8 year old is having fun with them. The little ones love these wooden toys that allow them to learn and have fun at the same time.

Helena W.


Very serious site. Fast delivery. My children love the toys we bought at Max & Lea and we must admit that they are perfect. Excellent service and excellent quality of toys.

Sabrina B.


Beautiful wooden toys of very good quality. My one-year-old daughter is starting to discover the notes on her Xylophone.

Mathieu F.


We can't say anything else than perfect! Max & Lea’s toys are really great. I received my order in 5 days in Italy and I opened the box like a child, I was more impatient than my 2 little boys. Excellent experience. I recommend it 100%.

Amber G.

Great Britain

Wooden toy of very good quality! Toy well packed and super well finished. Very reactive staff. I recommend it!

Charlotte J.


Nice colors, good quality and affordable prices. I recommend Max & Lea without hesitation. Reactive staff and good service. Very good follow up and fast delivery.

Olivier G.


High quality toys, fun and interesting for the development of my 2 little ones. I am very satisfied with my choice. Fast delivery.

Sophia H.


I’m very happy to see my children playing with these beautiful wooden toys. They learn a lot and I am really satisfied with the quality.

Anthony R.

Great Britain

I bought several toys on this site. The delivery was very fast in Great Britain. Very good quality. I recommend it and will buy other toys here.

Fiona S.


The staff is very serious. They answered my email very fast and the delivery was very quick. I received the toys I ordered within 3 days in France. Great packaging, high quality toys. It’s perfect!

Elise B.


The toys match their description. I am very satisfied with my order. My 2 little girls love their Xylophone. They play with it and discover the notes. They also have fun making simple melodies... Very fast delivery.

Alexandra D.


Xylophone of excellent quality and fast delivery. All the toys I have bought at Max & Lea are perfect.

Karen P.


My grandchildren all love their Xylophone. Very happy with their fast delivery and the quality of the toys.

George A.

Great Britain

Very good Xylophone to help children discover the first musical notes. Even the mallets are made of wood, thus it is completely eco-friendly. Fast delivery and high quality toy. I’m very satisfied.

Joanna P.


On time delivery, I received it in 5 days in Italy, as indicated on the site. Once opened, the toys fit their description perfectly. Very good quality. My two daughters are very happy with their toys.

Adrian R.


Fast delivery. The Xylophone is superb. My children love it.

Anna C.


The PlayBoard is well designed. The other 3 toys that I bought with are very good too, the Xylophone, the Rainbow Tower and the Caterpillar. I received my order 4 days after the purchase, the delivery was very fast. My children are very happy with it.

Technical Information

Descriptif Information
Product Dimensions (L x l x h) 27 x 10.5 x 4.6 cm
Weight 472 grs
Age recommendation 36+
Certifications 2009/48/CE
EAN 3 760320 360020
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