Playing outdoors

In everyday life, children play indoors. These activities at home are excellent for the child, as they allow him to develop his imagination as he grows up. Early stimulation toys can of course contribute to that too. At Max&Lea, we are convinced that this kind of play is fundamental for their development. But there are other activities that are beneficial for the child too.
There are many things that can be learned by playing outdoors. While it is true that it is a little bit more complicated for parents, since they have to prepare to go out, wait in the park and obviously take care of their little ones. Unlike at home, where, even if it is not always easy, the child and the parents follow a routine where both know the limits. When he plays outdoors, it is more difficult to control everything, which is sometimes better.

First of all, the child has more opportunities to socialize with other children in a park than in the house. “Do you want to be my friend?” For us as parents it can seem so easy that our children find new friends to play with. Everything is so simple between them, they meet a new playmate, which helps them learn, just like in school, the basics of life in society.
Socializing also allows them to discover new things and have new experiences. Brothers and sisters naturally tend to play together and do new activities. But this is not always the case! For only children, it is sometimes more complicated. This outdoor play time allows them to learn new things. By socializing with other children, they can learn new words, for example: “What are cendies (candy)?”, a new game: “What are the rules of this game?” New sensations (nature, grass, trees, animals and many other things. These interactions are difficult to reproduce on a daily basis in an apartment). All these different interactions are essential for their personal development.
Finally, an outing in the park, in the forest or outdoors in general, allows the child to spend energy. He can run and be free. This is what the cat game consists of, which involves running in order to avoid being touched and thus becoming, the cat. The child will love it and will spend a lot of energy. Which is a very positive thing for parents once they return home; Because less energy means you will be able to put him to sleep easier.

Max & Lea’s 4 recommendations : 

Give preference to outdoor activities whenever possible
We have just shown you the benefits of doing outdoor activities for children. Sometimes, it’s not easy to organize these types of activities because of transportation, weather or the motivation that you have that day. However, outdoor activities are preferable to indoor activities whenever possible. This gets the child out of his or her daily routine and allows him to have new experiences.
Make sure he is in a safe environment
This advice is more for you than for the child. While it’s true, we don’t want your child to get hurt, so this advice is also good for him. But here we are addressing it more to you. Going to the park, for example, involves keeping an eye on your child constantly. Reading, being on the phone or even talking to other parents can sometimes distract you from taking care of your child. A safe environment depends on your own appreciation. This can be as simple as doors being difficult for children to open, which can give you the certainty that your child will not run to the street when you turn around. And for me at least, that’s a huge weight off my shoulders; and it will allow the child to enjoy more of the moment outdoors and not just go through it.
Give him/her freedom
We have all seen that mother, at the playground, telling her child not to touch that, or not to play with that child, or not to climb on that toy… We have to understand that this mother’s only motivation is to protect her child. Because sometimes touching a certain toy or playing with a certain child who may be sick may mean getting germs. We understand that these “primal” reactions are made with the best of intentions. However, we recommend giving the child a little more freedom. This is how these interactions will be most beneficial to him. Let him choose what he will do. Of course, he may come home dirty, but he will have experienced more educational moments.
Sports activities
Sports activities can be practiced from a very early age. There are many kinds of sports classes directed especially to young children. This has many advantages, which we will talk about in the next article.
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